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SSI Alliance Unveils Sustainable Data Center Infrastructure Ecosystem Landscape

Open-source landscape highlights companies that play a critical role in advancing sustainable and scalable infrastructure technologies and services across the entire value chain. The Sustainable and Scalable Infrastructure Alliance(SSIA), a community and open standard for sustainable enterprise and edge data center innovation, today released the first version of its sustainable data center infrastructure landscape and a […]

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The Power Supplement

Keeping data centers going The chips inside our servers all natively use DC power. Inside the box, a rectifier turns AC into the direct current which the silicon wants. The majority of racks in the world still have AC power strips or “power distribution units,” but there’s a head of steam for DC distribution. Environmentally-conscious […]

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Equinix enables data center liquid cooling for AI at scale and overall IT efficiency

Equinix has deployed support for direct liquid cooling (DLC) in more than 45 of its International Business Exchange (IBX) data center markets, with the first sites coming online early next year. The move, following the colocation data center provider’s initial liquid-cooled deployment last year at a facility in Virginia, shows the company’s leadership in this growing market segment. Read more… SDX […]

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Sustainable and Scalable Infrastructure Alliance Reaches Major Milestone for Open19 Project; Releases Final V2 Platform Specification

NEW YORK, Dec. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — The Sustainable and Scalable Infrastructure Alliance (SSIA), a community and open standard for enterprise and edge data center innovation, today reached a major milestone in its flagship project, Open19. The organization, which operates under the Linux Foundation, released and published its final V2 system architecture and brick mechanical specifications of the Open19 […]

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Linux Foundation Projects Unite at COP28 to Showcase Open Source Action on U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

SAN FRANCISCO — NOVEMBER 28, 2023 — The Linux Foundation, the nonprofit organization enabling mass innovation through open source, is excited to announce a one-hour live-stream presentation at COP28, Dubai that will explore the transformative power of open source and how it is being used to advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Featuring speakers from Linux […]

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The Data Centre Interview – Data Centre Magazine (December 2023 Issue)

My Truong has had a varied career, generally working at the intersection of infrastructure and computers at the likes of Uber, Molex, Packet and now Equinix. More recently, Truong has been leading the Open19 V2 working groups and specification process and has focused his energies on sustainability challenges and opportunities. Humbled to be taking over […]

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AI & AR are Driving Data Demand – Open Source Hardware is Meeting the Challenge

Data is the lifeblood of the digital economy, and as new technologies emerge and evolve, the demand for faster data transfer rates, lower latencies, and higher compute power at data centers is increasing exponentially. New technologies are pushing the boundaries of data transmission and processing, and  adopting open source technologies can help data center operators […]

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