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SSIA Landscape

The SSI Alliance has recently launched the Sustainable Data Center Technology Landscape – an ecosystem that organizes and categorizes several companies that enable data center workloads that drive toward net zero carbon footprints. The landscape encompasses a wide array of companies involved in various aspects of data center infrastructure. This includes entities specializing in construction, cooling, operations, fluids & chemicals, silicon, building management, cloud computing, and data transfer.

The SSIA’s landscape is inspired by the CNCF
(Cloud Native Computing Foundation) Landscape and the Linux Foundation landscape models, which are known for mapping out complex ecosystems in a way that promotes clarity and accessibility. By adopting a similar approach, the SSIA’s landscape aims to provide stakeholders with a clear view of the sustainable data center sector, highlighting key players and their contributions to greener infrastructure solutions. This initiative not only facilitates better understanding and collaboration within the industry but also underscores the growing importance of sustainability in data center operations.


Currently, the SSI Alliance supports the Open19 project, including its mature “V1” and recently released “V2” standard revisions.  The SSIA aims to introduce additional projects based on community feedback and demand.

Open19 is the open data center hardware project of the SSIA. Open19’s focus on physical form factor standards allows OEMs and ODMs, as well as end-users and all parts of the supply chain and operating ecosystem, to develop solutions that comply with the Open19 specifications while retaining control and commercial capabilities.

Learn more about becoming a member via our Membership section or contact us with questions.  You may also attend a community meeting and download the Open19 specification, watch our archive of videos, or visit the SSIA team at various industry events.

Open19 Brick Cage and Powershelf Installation