SSI Alliance

Shahar Belkin, EVP Product & Innovation, ZutaCore

1. How would you introduce ZutaCore in terms of its company mission and what it offers to clients?

ZutaCore® is transforming the data industry to zero emissions with our direct-on-chip, waterless, heat-reuse, two-phase liquid cooling solution for the mainstream, delivering zero disruption to the data center.

2. What do you see as the most important trends shaping the future of the data center industry? 

There are two trends that will shape the datacenter industry in the near future: (1) The growing DTP of the CPUs and GPUs reaching the point where it will be very expensive and not practical to cool these processors with air.  (2) The global need to move to Net Zero by 2030, use less water, power and land, and reuse heat in the data center.

3. What role do you think Open19 is playing in shaping the data center industry’s future?

The Open19 is shaping the data center industry’s future by moving server deployment from OPEX to CAPX that will enable lower server deployment costs, with enhanced flexibility of servers and performance.

4. Why did ZutaCore as a company want to join Open19?

ZutaCore wanted to join the Open19 due to the dynamic approach of the Open19 mechanics, combined with the growing need for direct-on-chip liquid cooling.  This has made the Open19 an ideal platform for integrating direct-on-chip (waterless) two-phase cooling.

5. What benefits do you anticipate getting from being part of the Open19 community?

ZutaCore expects to implement joint development work and integrated systems with the Open19 community members.

6. How is ZutaCore planning on contributing to the Open19 community?

ZutaCore is planning to contribute to the Open19 community by opening the development and the design of the Open19 direct-on-chip cage based cooling solution.  We hope that the other hardware and cooling providers in the industry can jointly benefit from our work.

7. What is ZutaCore doing in terms of data center sustainability and how does that tie into Open19’s vision and mission?

The ZutaCore direct-on-chip two-phase liquid cooling solution is directly contributing to data center sustainability as follows:

  1. Reduce data center power consumption for cooling by replacing the air cooling to direct-on-chip two phase cooling.
  2. Maximize the reuse of heat by providing elevated high quality facility water output, and capturing 100% of the heat using “Air immersion™”
  3. Increase server lifetime reducing the carbon emission related to the servers

8. What are you most looking forward to with version 2 of the Open19 standards?

The ability to support very high-power bricks in a small form factor (1U ½ width brick), opens up numerous opportunities for high-end applications and HPC level racks using high power GPUs and CPUs .

9. Where can people connect with and learn more about ZutaCore?

Please visit or email