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Nicolas MONNIER Head of Business – IT Cooling North America

How would you introduce Staubli in terms of its company mission and what it offers to clients?

Innovation, safety, reliability, and proximity are the driving forces behind the Stäubli Fluid Connectors strategy. Our dedication to total customer satisfaction is the inspiration behind our complete product range, including our quick couplings and energy connectors. Initially a
pioneer in liquid cooling solutions, Stäubli now has over 30 years of experience in the IT Cooling sector, and today we are recognized as the industry leader. Our compact, leak free, quick change connector technology continues to play a key role in maintaining the integrity
of essential cooling circuits, preventing overheating, reducing hot swapping times, and ultimately maximizing uptime and productivity for our datacenter customers.

What do you see as the most important trends shaping the future of the data center industry?

There continues to be an insatiable demand by consumers, not only for greater volumes of data and information, but also faster response times. This, combined with the increasing density of IT racks needed to meet these demands, means that processor temperatures are increasing. In a growing number of instances, the capability of conventional air-cooling methods have reached their limit and are therefore no longer a satisfactory solution. It’s clear that more efficient thermal management is required, not only to address the challenges of today, but to provide a reliable solution which can meet what will undoubtably be even greater demands in the future. Liquid cooling technology is now no longer a nice to have option, but an essential element in data center thermal management systems. The introduction of efficient liquid cooling makes a positive contribution to guaranteeing the highest levels of availability and ensuring flawless service continuity for customers, whilst safeguarding the reputation of the data center.

What role do you think Open19 is playing in shaping the data center industry’s future?

Since its inception, the Open19 Project has been building an industry community dedicated to creating and maintaining the standards that will influence the development of future data center infrastructure and solutions. Bringing together the sectors’ key stakeholders under one industry body presents the opportunity for discussion and engagement surrounding a number of crucial factors including the challenges faced by the industry, knowledge sharing, promotion of best practices, discussions on future innovation, and of course the development of new industry standards in areas such as liquid cooling. This collaboration between the participants within the Open19 Project will help drive forward the objectives of reducing costs, improving efficiencies and addressing the many operational challenges, such as the adoption of liquid cooling technology, faced by the sector.

Why did Stäubli as a company want to join Open19?

As a key participant within the sector, and with a heritage spanning 30 years, Stäubli has a great deal of experience and knowledge which can be shared with our partners and customers within this growing community. As the sector moves to embrace and adopt liquid cooling as the primary cooling technology, we believe that we can make a valuable contribution to the development of standards and further the ambitions of Open19 overall.

What benefits do you anticipate getting from being part of the Open19 community?

As part of the Open19 community we will be able to build upon existing relationships with technical partners and build new connections and affiliations. The ability to collaborate with other community partners will ensure that Stäubli maintains its clear vision of the technical innovations and commercial factors which will influence the future development of the sector.

How is Staubli planning on contributing to the Open19 community?

We believe that our philosophy of ongoing technical and product innovation will benefit the liquid cooling community as we continue to develop solutions that will further enhance data center performance, optimize energy efficiency, and reduce operating costs. With a range of
couplings equally suited to liquids or refrigerant fluids, Stäubli is also uniquely positioned to influence the development of next generation cooling solutions.

What is Staubli doing in terms of engineering fluid connectors for data center sustainability and how does that tie into Open19’s vision and mission?With our long-term connection to this sector, Stäubli already has an intimate knowledge of the nuances surrounding the technical, commercial, operational and sustainability demands of data centers. Therefore, as a partner, Stäubli is completely aligned with the values and objectives of the Open19 Project. Our quick release coupling technology embodies design and functional features which address and enhance factors such as PUE (Power Usage Efficiency), eliminating pressure drops, and facilitating water recycling. These factors, combined with the use of high-quality materials and field proven product reliability, make a valuable contribution to overall energy efficiency, whilst reducing overall operating costs for data centers.