SSI Alliance

Data Center Anti-Conference

26 September 2023

DCAC provides you an instant personal network that create lasting relationships for decades, that are valued personally and professionally. We refer to this as the DCAC Pro-Connect difference.  Learn more

As humanity embarks upon the Fourth Industrial Revolution, DCAC is gathering tech and data center experts to collaborate and discover innovative solutions to the capacity challenges of tomorrow.

Now entering its eighth year and expanding to a two-day summit, DCAC is disrupting the traditional conference model to focus on the emerging technologies driving compute demand.

With AI, autonomous vehicles, IoT, immersive gaming, VR/AR, smart city technologies, and wearables on the horizon, we are on the cusp of a societal and economic transformation. And at the heart of this transformation are data centers. Effective leadership is crucial for any revolution, and DCAC is inviting you to join us as we journey back to the future of the data center.

Together, we can ensure that the data centers of tomorrow meet the challenges and opportunities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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