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Cachengo Joins Open19 Foundation

November 8, 2021

What do IT hardware companies such as Cisco, Equinix and Inspur have in common? They are all members of Open19, a community of data center innovators focused on designing open hardware that drops in standard 19” racks while providing a cable-free installation and maintenance experience.

The Open19 Foundation was founded in 2016 by infrastructure pioneers at LinkedIn, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and VaporIO who were looking for a community-based way to solve cost, efficiency and operational challenges of datacenter deployments.

Cachengo is the latest hardware pioneer to become a member of the prestigious Open19 community, which recently joined the Linux Foundation in 2020. Open19 members are tasked with creating and maintaining a set of open source standards that power the world’s leading data center and edge infrastructure solutions.

A 19″ rack standard was born with a governance model that encourages both innovation and commercialization in an open, community driven model. It is with this vision in mind that Cachengo CEO Ash Young is leading the company’s future.

“From my perspective, based on our notion of creating rural data centers, I think our newer data centers and country data centers should be based on this standard, though most of our customers are still using EIA standard 19” racks. Our upcoming Deadpool product family will be our first to really embrace the form-factor. We’re excited to work with Open19 on their 48 volt specification due to the densities we can achieve for hosted data and applications.”

– Ash Young, Cachengo CEO  

Using Open19, customers of all sizes can take advantage of the power, environmental and operating efficiencies of the latest in data center innovation.

Open19 Foundation

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